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Release Notes

Find out the latest releases, updates and bug fixes to Voice Monkey.

21 January 2022

Big release!

This includes the new PRO Plan with new features such as Yes/No Prompts, Presets and the Audio parameter.

13 December 2021

Released Voice Monkey in Italy, France, and Brazil!

23 March 2021

Added the ‘websiteURL’ parameter. Allows you to open a website URL on an Echo Show device.

Added the ‘voice’ parameter. Now you can make announcements using the various different Amazon Polly voices.

Preparing the Skill for release in Germany.

Fixed a bug where you providing no announcement text meant you weren’t able to play a video or display an image.

22 March 2021

Fixed issues with the ‘video’ parameter. Sending a video in the API call should now start playing the video on a screen enabled Alexa device such as Echo Show.

19 March 2021

Added new Spanish locales making the Skill available in Spain and Mexico.

16 July 2020

The first version of Voice Monkey is live!