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Welcome to the new Voice Monkey website!

Welcome to the new Voice Monkey website!

We’re freshening things up around here giving you a new look and an easier to use website.

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding new content and making changes to existing pages.

Let’s face it, it’s terrible at the moment, so the Voice Monkey dashboard is also being re-designed.

Thanks too for all your feedback over the last few months.
We’ve started the process of implementing your suggestions, so stay tuned for updates.

Plus, we’re starting an Alexa Smart Home blog to bring you the latest news, tips and walkthroughs on everything Alexa, Voice Monkey and Alexa+Smart Home combined.

Finally, we realise that documentation and getting started with Voice Monkey has been an awful experience. We’re revamping our docs and sprinkling some much needed videos and screenshots to help you out.

Stay tuned!

Chief Monkey


  • Simon 15 January 2021

    Really nice system! I’ve set up a couple of Zoom web hooks to call VoiceMonkey and set the light outside my office to red when I’m in a Zoom call and green when I’m not. No problems in setting this up and working well.

    • Christian 15 January 2021

      That’s awesome Simon!!
      Didn’t know Zoom had web hooks, I will try this out.

      Voice Monkey

  • Richard 24 February 2021

    Hi there!
    Any idea about when voicemonkey skill will be available in Mexico?

    • Christian 24 February 2021

      Hi Richard,

      Not much longer…the skill is waiting to be certified in Spanish and that should make it available in Mexico….we just need Amazon to put it live!


  • Bob Staley 15 February 2022

    I’ve been trying to play an audio file in the playground, by placing the audio URL in the Audio URL field and hitting execute. I can play the URL from the browser, but every time I try from the playground, I get a message from the echo device saying the account needs to be re-linked, Re-linking the account does not fix anything. If I only put text in the announcement text field and clear the Audio URL field, the text is spoken on the echo. The API URL generated used is

    https://api.voicemonkey.io/trigger?access_token={ACCESS TOKEN}&secret_token={SECRET TOKEN}&monkey=echo-bedroom-monkey&announcement=Hello%20monkey&audio=https%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fsmartapp-media%2Fsonos%2Fdogs.mp3

    I’ve tried links to dropbox files adn google drive files and get the same problem. Has anyone had any success with this?

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