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Getting started video

Step 1 – Enable the Voice Monkey Skill

Enable the Voice Monkey Skill on your relevant Amazon site (new languages coming soon). You will be asked to link your Amazon account and accept the notifications permissions.

Step 2 – Sign In to the Voice Monkey website

Sign in to the Voice Monkey website and complete the set-up.

Step 3 – Create your first Monkey and routine

Once you have signed in and completed the set-up, create your first monkey.

Then, go to the Alexa App and create a new routine with your monkey as the trigger (“When this happens” >”Smart Home” > “Your monkey name”).

If you want to make text-to-speech announcements open the Voice Monkey skill as the last action in your routine.

Step 4 – Trigger your Monkey

Generate your API URL and use it to trigger your monkeys either from your web browser, or from services such as IFTTT or your home automation software.