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$6Per year (yes, per year)
  • Unlimited Monkeys (virtual triggers)
  • Text-to-speech announcements (TTS)
  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio
  • ...and more exclusive PRO features


  • Unlimited Monkeys (virtual triggers)
  • No Text-to-speech announcements (TTS)


What's included in the Basic Plan?

The Basic Plan includes unlimited Monkeys, which are virtual buttons or triggers. You can use them to start Alexa routines from services such as IFTTT and Home Assistant. The Basic Plan does not include Text-to-speech Announcements.

What's included in the PRO Plan?

The PRO Plan includes all available features:

  • Unlimited Monkeys
  • Text-to-speech announcements
  • Sending Images/Videos to your Echo Show devices
  • Audio files
  • Chimes
  • SSML Support
  • Alexa (Polly) voices
  • Presets
  • Yes/No prompts
  • …future upgrades

Can I trial the PRO Plan?

Yes, new and existing users can try the PRO Plan for free for 14 days, no credit card required. Once the 14 days expires, you will automatically be switched to the free Basic Plan.

How do I upgrade to PRO?

Sign in to Voice Monkey and look for the upgrade link. 
Billing is handled securely by Stripe and we accept all major debit/credit cards.
Your Voice Monkey yearly subscription will automatically renew for uninterrupted Monkey goodness.