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Give your Alexa Routines new
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Love Alexa Routines? So do we!
Voice Monkey enhances routines with new capabilities.

Custom media

Play your own sounds and videos as part of routines.

Action prompts

Action routines based on Yes/No reponses + more.

Schedule routines

At set times, days, periodically or at random.


Trigger external APIs with GET/POST requests from routines.

API and Integrations to connect your Alexa smart home to the world.

Our APIs allow you to trigger Alexa routines and make text-to-speech (TTS) announcements.

Integate with IFTTT, Zapier, Home Assistant and more to create 100s of new possibilities.

Alexa APIs

Some of our 5* reviews

Makes the impossible, possible.
I love this skill and would happily pay for it.

Voice Monkey allows me to create a routine in Alexa that triggers a routine when a Nest Cam camera detects movement.

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D. Richman

An Alexa swiss army knife
Love this skill. For so long I've been frustrated at the lack of simple, easy to maintain methods of having rich interactions with Alexa, and Voice Monkey finally meets that need.

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Was looking for this for long time...
It is a great skill... my smart home started to talk to me.

In connection with IFTT you can make magic.... Great work.

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M. Borkowski

Exactly what I needed!
A super easy and elegant solution to being able to trigger Alexa routines from other services. I use it with Home Assistant and it's been perfect. Hope Voice Monkey sticks around for a long time.

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Works great & easy to use
This adds a great functionality to Alexa. Now I can have any of my ifttt apps trigger Alexa to announce them! Great job!!!

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Awesome Sauce
Voice monkey is awesome. Super easy setup, super easy to use. I previously couldn't trigger many Alexa-only devices from my 3rd party smart home system before I found this. So, thanks!

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Smart Home stuff can get tricky, we get it.
We'll try and make things as easy as possible.

Voice Monkey is an Alexa Skill that uses Routines to add new functionality to your Alexa smart home.

Voice Monkey allows you to do things that previously were very difficult or impossible to do such as custom text to speech announcements.

Voice Monkey has a free plan giving you access to lots of cool new features for your Alexa smart home including Routine triggers.

A Premium plan is also available which gives you even more powerful features. See our pricing page more details.

Voice Monkey was created by an Alexa Skill developer frustrated that he couldn't use his Amazon Echo devices to make custom text to speech announcements.

Of course Voice Monkey can be trusted, it's used by 1000s of Alexa enthusiasts. We never see or even have access to your Amazon account details.

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