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Flic Buttons Alexa Routines

UPDATE: Flic now has an official Alexa integration! 🙂

Flic is an awesome physical button you can push to control smart home devices.

You can stick them and re-stick to almost anywhere or even attach them to clothing or other objects using the accessory clip.

Useful icon stickers are available too so you know what each button is assigned to do.

Plus with one button, you can map single click, double click and long click events. So one button can potentially be used for three things!

Flic buttons with icons

Alexa + Flic

Imagine being able to push a Flic button to trigger your beloved Alexa Routines.

Physical buttons are especially useful when you don’t want to use your voice, for example; discreetly triggering your goodnight routine from your bedside table without waking your partner.

Flic buttons don’t yet have a native Alexa integration, although it will probably be something that gets built eventually.

Enter Voice Monkey.

Voice Monkey

Voice Monkey extends Alexa’s smart home capabilities.

It offers an API to trigger Alexa Routines remotely from services such as IFTTT or in this case, the Flic app.

For now, Voice Monkey is one of the easiest and most cost effective way (it’s FREE) to trigger Alexa routines from Flic buttons.

Here’s how…

Trigger Alexa Routines From Flic

The process is easy.

Step 1

Firstly, sign up to Voice Monkey and follow the instructions to create your first Monkey.

A Monkey is simply a virtual doorbell device which can be pressed (or triggered). We can use these doorbells, or Monkeys, as triggers in our Alexa Routines.

Create a New Monkey in Voice Monkey

Step 2

Create a Routine that does something you want (e.g. turn on a smart light) and use your Monkey as the trigger.

Alexa Routine example

Step 3

Back in Voice Monkey, head to the Playground and select the Monkey you created then copy the API URL.

Step 4

In the Flic mobile app, configure the button with the action “Internet Request” and then copy and paste the URL from step 3.

Flic mobile app internet request

Now when you push the Flic button, it will make a request to that URL which will trigger your Alexa Routine. Boooom!

You can create as many Monkeys are you want for free, so you could create one for each Flic button event (e.g. push, double push and long push).

How are you using Flic Buttons and Alexa Routines? Let us know in the comments below.

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