HTTP Request from Alexa Routine

How To Make an HTTP GET/POST Request From an Alexa Routine

Do you want to make an external GET/POST HTTP request to a URL from within an Alexa Routine? Here's how....

This tutorial requires access to the Alexa app and a subscription to Voice Monkey

There are plenty of use cases for being able to make a GET or POST request to a URL from within an Alexa Routine.

Perhaps you want to trigger an external system by voice? Maybe you need to trigger an IFTTT Applet? Or maybe trigger an API URL which will set off an automation in your Smart Home.

Whatever the reason, it's easy to do with Voice Monkey and the Flows feature.

Step 1 - Create a new Flow

Head over to the Voice Monkey console. Go to the Flows section.

Create a new Flow and give it an appropriate name.

New Voice Monkey Flow

Step 2 - Add a "Web request" Action

Select "Web Request" From the list of available actions.

Web Request Action

Enter the URL and request method as well as any specific headers to send with the request.

Web Request Input Data

Hit "Add Action"

Step 3 - Trigger this Flow from an Alexa Routine

Still in the Flow editor, look for the Trigger options and find instructions for triggering the Flow from a Routine.

Flow/Routine Instructions

You will find a Custom Action phrase to use in your Alexa Routine. Make a note of this phrase.

Custom Command Phrase

Head to the Alexa app and create a new Routine (or use an existing one).

Select how you want the Routine to be triggered.

In the Routine actions, select Custom Action and use the phrase from the step above.

Final Alexa Routine for triggering URL

Now, any time you run that Alexa Routine, the custom action will trigger your Flow which will in turn make the HTTP request to the URL you specified. Magic!

It's incredibly good!

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