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How to turn lights on then off again using Alexa Routines

Turning a light on using Alexa Routines is pretty straight forward and common thing to do.

But how do you turn the light off later after a set duration of time?

This is useful, for example, if you have a room such as a garage where you might want to turn the lights on temporarily and not have to worry about switching them off yourself, it’s all done for you automatically by Alexa.

It’s very easy to do and here’s how:

Alexa routine screenshot lights on then off


  1. Create a new routine with a trigger such as “When you say Alexa, light on”.
  2. In the first action, turn on the Light by selecting your smart home light and selecting Power to ‘On’
  3. This is the key to having the interval. Add a new action, select ‘Wait’ and then choose the amount of time you want Alexa to wait until performing the next action.
  4. Then create a final action and select the same Light as step 2 but set the Power to ‘Off’.

Voila. You now have a light that switches on then off again after a set period of time.


  • Dennis Clark 19 December 2021

    does not work on a light connected to a smart switch.

  • Tijsseno 27 January 2022

    Nice but i looking for a diffrent problem. When i switch manualy some light how to triger a routine by switching manualy some devices. For example when i turn on tv, routine in smartthings triger action to turn on led backlight and amplituner on and turn off main Light in the room. How to do it in alexa. For example When i manualy turn on Light in kitchen routine must automaticsly turn off Light in bedroom

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